A Path to Enterpreneurship

October 28th, 2009

What is Three Sticks?

I originally started this blog as a way to share my life experiences to help others overcome their fears.  However, like so many things the more you engage the clearer your mission becomes.  I’ve been searching for a way to combine my desire to help people with my many interests especially technology and business.   The economic collapse of 2008 has made it especially clear to me that it is too risky for individuals to depend on their job as their sole source of income.  Everyone should have a business.  Your business doesn’t have to be your career, but its important to have multiple sources of income.

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Success in almost any field of endeavour requires you to understand, accept and effectively manage yourself. This is especially true of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, regardless of how good your team is you are always on; you and your business are one in the same. To succeed in this environment you can’t panic, you have to be disciplined and focused and you need to love what you are doing. Of course this is where any deep seated fear will rear its ugly head.

Role of Faith

This site started as a Christian Personal Development site so you’ll find articles about faith and spirituality throughout. As an entrepreneur faith is extremely important, you must have faith in yourself, your team, your business, your products, your goals and more. When you are alone at night working on your business and there are more problems than solutions, faith is what will see you through to the other side. Faith is one of the foundations of this blog.

Getting started

Below are some articles to get you started. There are plenty more where these came from. :-)

4 Questions for Your Life – An introduction to the 4 essential questions of life.

A Good Time to Start A Business – Why an economic downturn is a good time to start a business.

Creating Your Life: Part 1 – Making Choices – How to overcome your fear and create the life that you want.

Creating Your Life: Part 2 – Wrestling the Gator Called Doubt – A how to article that teaches how to recognize and overcome doubt.

The Joy of Being Productive – Finding the natural joy that comes from being productive.

Renewing Your Commitment – The importance of renewing your commitment in those moments when you are overcoming your greatest challenges.

Erasing Your Debt – The Total Money Makeover Review – A review of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and a guide to eliminating your debt, the first step to financial freedom.

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